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Pronouns are a way people can refer to each other or themselves, when not using their name. Pronouns are often used to indicate a person’s gender; however, we often make assumptions about people’s genders and assign them pronouns, based on what we can see, or based on their name, and sometimes this is incorrect.

Whether you are a cisgender ally, or a trans/gender diverse person, we all have pronouns, and using the right pronoun for a person is one of the easiest & simplest ways of showing them respect.

You can’t know someone’s pronouns from looking at them or simply by their name.

Here are some ways you can normalise asking about gender pronouns:

  • When introducing yourself, say your own pronouns, e.g. “Hi, my name is Nick, my pronouns are she/her or they/them”
  • On your business card/email signature (e.g. underneath your name and title, add your pronouns)
  • Use your pronouns on your virtual meeting platform profiles
  • If it’s a group situation and there is an introductory round, say your name and your pronouns. Other people may then feel comfortable to also share their pronouns

Choose from the following options:

  • She/Her
  • He/Him
  • They/Them
  • She/They
  • He/They

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Non-Member Price: $8.95


As a not-for-profit organisation, these products are not only designed to support your inclusion initiatives, but double-up as a fundraiser, the profits from which directly support the ongoing work of Pride Inclusion Programs and LGBTQ inclusion initiatives within Australian workplaces.
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