Endorsed LGBTQ Trainer Program

About this program

The Pride in Diversity (PID) Endorsed LGBTQ Trainer Program equips individuals and organisations to deliver face-to-face facilitated LGBTQ education experiences.

Developed for internal trainers, this program arms participants to deliver Pride in Diversity’s LGBTQ Awareness training module through in depth, facilitator led workshops.

This program has been designed with a theoretical base, historical context and an understanding of emerging trends in LGBTQ inclusion. The program delivers modular content through case studies, theories and models, video artefacts and PID publications, exposing participants to relevant, up-to-date modes of process and practice.

The all-inclusive cost for the Endorsed Program is $2,470 per person + GST. This includes:

  • Access to face-to-face virtual training modules, six sessions over six days within a two-week period.
  • Access to specialised training materials including presentation materials and educational techniques.
  • Assessment enabling Endorsed Trainer status.

Coursework requirements

There is an expectation participants will be required to complete pre-work before each module that could include pre-reading or worksheets that will be covered during each module. You will be sent detailed coursework expectations and materials via our online file sharing platforms before module one.


Pride in Diversity endorsed trainers will enjoy ongoing support for 12 months from the time of the endorsement (with annual renewal option available) and a range of exclusive trainer benefits. Re-endorsement costs $550 per person + GST.


January Session Dates

The course will run online from 31 January to 11 February, and sessions are from 1pm – 4pm (AEDT)

  1. Module 1 – Monday 31st January
  2. Module 2 – Wednesday 2nd February
  3. Module 3 – Friday 4th February
  4. Module 4 – Monday 7th February
  5. Module 5 – Wednesday 9th February
  6. Module 6 – Friday 11th February

Be aware of your respective time zones before you commit to participation.

Click here to register for the January 2022 Endorsed Trainer program. Registrations close Friday 21st January, 2022 and payment must be received before registrations are finalised and places confirmed.

May Session Dates

The course will run online from 30 May to 10 June, and sessions are from 1pm – 4pm (AEST)

  1. Module 1 – Monday 30th May
  2. Module 2 – Wednesday 1st June
  3. Module 3 – Friday 3rd June
  4. Module 4 – Monday 6th June
  5. Module 5 – Wednesday 8th June
  6. Module 6 – Friday 10th June

August Session Dates

The course will run online from 29 August to 9 September, and sessions are from 1pm – 4pm (AEST)

  1. Module 1 – Monday 29th August
  2. Module 2 – Wednesday 31st August
  3. Module 3 – Friday 2nd September
  4. Module 4 – Monday 5th September
  5. Module 5 – Wednesday 7th September
  6. Module 6 – Friday 9th September

December Session Dates

The course will run online from 5 December to 16 December, and sessions are from 1pm – 4pm (AEST)

  1. Module 1 – Monday 5th December
  2. Module 2 – Wednesday 7th December
  3. Module 3 – Friday 9th December
  4. Module 4 – Monday 12th December
  5. Module 5 – Wednesday 14th December
  6. Module 6 – Friday 16th December


All face-to-face sessions will be hosted on Zoom, so please ensure you can access this platform through either your personal or organisational device.

We must have at least 12 registrations to be able to facilitate the program and will be capped at 24 participants. Sessions that do not reach this threshold will not commence.

To read more about the objectives, the prerequisites and program costs please download a copy of the LGBTQ Endorsed Trainer brochure.

The Endorsed LGBTQ Trainer program is exclusively available to member organisations. If you are not a member, or are not sure, please contact the Pride in Diversity office on 02 9206 2139 or email info@prideindiversity.com.au.