“Our LGBTI inclusion effort was in need of inspiration and the LGBTI Trainer Program has provided  just that. The program provides confidence not only to individuals in delivering inclusion training, but also for the broader organisation to implement inclusion that goes straight to the heart of everyone feeling safe and connected at work.”

Abbie Wright, Inclusion & Diversity Manager, Aurecon

“A very well run course that enabled me to learn about all the elements of LGBTI, feel comfortable discussing issues that previously I would not have fully understand and to provide training on these things.”

Narelle Powers, Convenor LGBTI Network, Australian Public Sector Commission.

“I really wasn’t sure what to expect but I left the training with a wealth of new knowledge, insight and even personal awareness. The facilitators were excellent; holding the group and the space, allowing the learning to emerge and the confidence around the material to blossom. Thank you so much for a truly stimulating and enriching training experience!”

Brandon Srot, Psychotherapy and Leadership Development

“I really enjoyed the program and found it quite beneficial to develop a broader understanding of LGBTI issues and the importance of inclusion within the workplace. The conversations, activities and facilitation not only broadened my awareness yet has given me much greater confidence in this area. I am looking forward to rolling out future training in this area.”

Lachlan Joyce, Training Facilitator, Medibank

“I didn’t know what to expect from the program, and it honestly was incredible. It’s been a long time since I attended training and I hands down learnt so much.”

Ainslea MacDonald, Operational Facilitator, Medibank

“Huge subject to cover! A very engaging trainer and a great group of new friends to learn with.”

Emma D’Ath, Leaser, Indirect Tax, EnergyAustralia