Intersex Inclusion

Please click here to read an important communication to all of our member organisations issued 11th November 2019 in relation to Intersex Inclusion, a change in our strategic framing and a change in our terminology.

This communication will outline changes to specific areas of our program and how the change will be implemented. This communication references The Darlington Statement.

The new strategic plan is the result of significant consultation, not only between staff and our key stakeholders, but other community groups for which we have traditionally spoken. Part of this consultation focused on our work within and for the intersex community, and the relationships we have with Intersex Human Rights Australia (IHRA) and Intersex Peer Support Australia (IPSA), two intersex-led organisations in Australia representing and supporting the needs of people born with a variation of sex characteristics.

In consultation with IHRA and IPSA, the focus of our work going forward will be to work alongside IHRA, IPSA and other intersex organisation, rather than playing a key role in intersex inclusion and carrying out roles that intersex organisations will focus on. For us this means we will not take the lead in advocating or in resource development. Our commitment to the intersex community is one of allyship, and we will, moving forward, defer to IHRA and IPSA as experts in the lived experience of intersex people.

The Darlington Statement

The key challenges faced by the Intersex community are clearly articulated within The Darlington Statement, primarily referring to:

  • Human rights and legal reform
  • Health & Wellbeing (predominately the long-term physical and psychological implication of harmful and continuing medical practices)
  • Peer support (addressing trauma and mental health concerns caused by the unnecessary medicalisation of intersex people as well as the stigmatisation of intersex characteristics)
  • The need for allies focusing on acknowledgement of the distinctiveness and diversity within the intersex community; support of human rights claims, respect for human rights movement without tokenism “nothing about us without us”

Within employment, The Darlington Statement calls for:

  • The development of content with intersex-led organisation and the promotion of delivery by intersex people.
  • Accommodations and reasonable adjustments including special needs requirements, workplace adjustments, job access assistance and provision of medical leave.
  • Working with intersex-led organisations to improve understanding of intersex people and human rights issues.

Should you wish to view The Darlington Statement in full, you may do so by clicking here.

We see this as important move forward both for ACON, our Pride Inclusion Programs and intersex-led organisations; one that promotes strong allyship and respect for need of intersex people to lead work in this area.