Reliant Healthcare

Reliant cares deeply about enabling people to really live their best lives. It is unacceptable that the LGBTI community in Australia should be experiencing poorer health and wellbeing outcomes than their non-LGBTI peers. Using our expertise to ensure the bar is raised by everyone in serving the LGBTI community will be an exciting outcome of Reliant’s involvement with PIHW.

PIHW is a fantastic opportunity for health and wellbeing organisations like Reliant to come together, in a structured and proven environment, to understand the challenges faced by the LGBTI community in accessing services, share knowledge and build on our expertise to ultimately provide inclusive services of which we can be proud.

We believe that inclusive service delivery is just good business. Just as any business should be focused on customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction within the LGBTI community absolutely must be enhanced. Central to this is understanding and addressing the health inequalities of our incredibly diverse LGBTI communities.

No two people are the same, and Reliant Healthcare wants to work with and learn from its peers through PIHW to deliver amazing tailored health care plans that serve our LGBTI clients.