Membership Rates & Benefits


Members can join Pride in Health + Wellbeing as a stand alone program. With a focus on LGBT inclusive service provision, we will work with you over the year to understand and meet the needs of your LGBT service users, no matter your starting point.

We will get to know you as a service provider, understand the experience you currently have in this area and work with you to move you from where you are to a model of best practice, both nationally and internationally. We have the experience and expertise to help you meet your key deliverables for inclusive service and we can connect you with like-minded organisations, building a valuable safe referral network.

Consider us your partners, your subject-matter experts that you can call on, build a relationship with and rely on for expert advice, training and help.

If you are also wishing to create an LGBT inclusive workplace for your LGBT employees, build an understanding and awareness of the impact of inclusive policies and practices, wanting to learn from best practice, awareness building, visibility and training, then you may also like to consider becoming a member of Pride in Diversity.

Pride in Diversity has several membership tiers. As a member of both programs, you will receive a loyalty discount to the Pride in Health + Wellbeing program. Being a member of both programs will also enable you to access benefits from each. Each program focusing on a different area of LGBT inclusivity: Pride in Diversity focusing on LGBT inclusive workplaces; Pride in Health + Wellbeing focusing on LGBT inclusive service provision for the Health and Wellbeing sector.


Membership to the Pride in Health + Wellbeing Program provides you with:

  •  A partner to work with throughout the year that will focus on increasing the LGBT inclusivity of your practice and service provision while providing you with the ability to attend networking and educational events nationally
  • Access to LGBT Health data and expertise via the Pride in Health + Wellbeing Team, other Pride in Health + Wellbeing members and the broader teams within ACON Health
  • The ability to call on subject matter experts for advice
  • The ability to enrol staff in free training every three months via WebEx accessed via desktops, smartphones, tablets in addition to 2 hours of customised training annually, either face to face or via WebEx.
  • Access to the Pride in Health + Wellbeing video library for your internal use and 24/7 viewing
  • Access to publications, resources, best practice roundtables and networking events all designed to increase your understanding and to build your network of LGBT inclusive service providers
  • Significant discounts to our Awards luncheon, conference, community events and additional training and consulting beyond membership allocation
  • Ability to participate in the ongoing development of a membership referral program.

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Fee for Service & Add on Rates

HoursNon-Member RatesMember Rates
2$1,925 ($963 p/h)$900 ($450 p/h)
4$2,650 ($663 p/h)$1596 ($399 p/h)
6$3,220 ($637 p/h)$2100 ($350 p/h)
8$3,695 ($462 p/h)$2392 ($299 p/h)
10$4,250 ($425 p/h)$2750 ($275 p/h)
AWEI Debrief$3,350incl. member benefit

*These rates are exclusive of GST and do not include any travel costs associated with interstate travel.

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